Utilitarian thinking is a form of despair
Utilitarianism, Despair, Cato the Younger

By Henry van Wagenberg

Medical painting of birth from france

Utilitarianism. Man has yet to invent a philosophy more poisonous to joy. Utilitarianism - which encourages us to count our “utils”, does not comprehend, and is unable to grasp, the strange relationship between suffering, pain, hard work and the painful birth-act of creation and true creative work. The shouting nurses, the panting mother, the squeeling baby, the blood stains on the blue hospital sheets and the strange alien sliminess of the umbilical chord. These are the messy scraps on the floor of the workshop of real joy. Utilitarianism can never understand or calculate how the last living senator of the free Roman republic, Cato the Younger, his army and his body a wreck, dehydrated in the deserts of North Africa, could be BLAZING with life -- a life that a man surrounded by all the imaginable utilitarian contentments cannot even touch -- indeed, is totally removed from. 

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