The Purpose of This Website
Stoic Hacks

By Henry van Wagenberg

 This website has at least four reasons to exist: 

  1. A home for my thoughts and my arts / my creativity
  2. A space for me to ask questions that interest me
  3. An excuse for me to ask other people interesting questions
  4. An opportunity for me to share with other people Stoic philosophical insights that I've discovered into living a good life, and my honest reflections on how well I am doing on that quest
  5. A place to work through my own questions, and to integorrate my own life philosophically

A few notes:

  1. I have taken a page from the writing philosophy of Nicholas Nassim Taleb. In an internet age, every idea I mention from a philosopher or a poet could be researched endlessly. My knowledge of their ideas is imperfect. I write about them as best I can, from my perspective. In general I don't look them up. I'm always happy to learn about mistakes. My thinking in general, though, is, if you'd like to read their direct words - go read them. If you're here, you're here to read "through the veil of my soul" to use an expression from Edgar Allen Poe. At least, if I remember it correctly.
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